Thursday, November 8, 2012

2012 Prom Dresses: Why You Will Love Prom Dresses With Thigh-High Slits

Let's examine thigh-high slits which are another amazing trend that you'll love if you're shopping for 2012 prom dresses. There is only one word to describe this feature. Dramatic! If you've been to prom before, or are just preparing for your first, then you'll know that it's an excellent chance for you to really show off with all of your friends! Therefore finding a prom dress with the right mixture of glamour and elegance is crucial, and this article will hopefully help you!
What are prom dresses with thigh-high slits?
Out of the many hot trends to choose from amongst all of the 2012 prom dresses, thigh-high slits are one that has been around the block a few times. These long gowns originally became popular in the 70s when designers such as Givenchy started incorporating them into their dresses. Basically they're a standard gown (that doesn't mean boring, simply long and glamorous) where the skirt has been cleft apart, leaving a long slit from hem to thigh.
One of the best reasons to choose this style of prom dress is that you are still prescribing to the norm where you have a long dress, yet you add a dash of awesome by having this daring slit showing off a bit of leg and thigh! So this is a rather versatile style of 2012 prom dresses!
What kinds of prom dresses with thigh-high slits can I choose?
There are several different styles of prom dresses with thigh-high slits on offer, so there is a flattering kind for any girl in my opinion.
Sleeves: If you choose one of these dresses with sleeves then it's good for 2 reasons. Firstly, if you're not totally happy with your arms then you get that coverage that will boost your confidence and make you feel good. Secondly, the thigh-high slit will draw the eye and the focus will be on your legs (because the sleeves are covering your arms) which is what it's all about really isn't it?
Sequins: There are currently quite a number of 2012 prom dresses which are heavily sequinned. In fact sparkly dresses are also a trend to watch during 2012. So you can really go crazy channelling the 70s and go for a dress that's head-to-toe sequins and has a thigh-high slit too!
Prints:In general we usually go for block colors when we're wearing formal dresses for events like prom, but one way to look quite fun and unique is to choose a thigh-high slit prom dress in an interesting print.
Florals have been big lately, but there are really all kinds of patterns such as stripes, animal and even pictures of anchors and the like!
If you're daring enough, you'll love this style which has become a real modern classic! Not only is it sober enough to be classed as 'formal,'it's different enough to be seen as 'fun' and 'sexy.' There aren't many formal dresses that can claim this, so you'll also be looking quite unique in your pictures and will avoid looking the same as other girls which is always important at prom.

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