Thursday, November 8, 2012

Advice From a Prom Goddess - How Much Should You Pay For Your Prom Dress

So you're looking for the absolute hottest prom dress for 2010 or 2011 and there are a billion to choose from online. You have seen countless styles and tons of colors like every heavenly flower the universe has to offer all in one flower shop and you begin to ask yourself one question: how much should you pay for your prom dress?
The most straight-forward way to answer this question is by looking at the quality of the gown. If something is lush couture, you should expect to pay for that quality. You're paying for volumes of luxe fabric and mesmerizing bedazzlement. If it looks worth it, it probably is.
A Faviana prom dress can be found in the price range of $158 - $358. Longer designs usually cost more than shorter ones. Pay close attention to the fabric; if it looks hand-dyed with a wondrous and magical print, it's totally okay to pay for that excitement.
Precious Formals prom dresses will run you about $132 - $398. With these dresses you're paying for design originality - the way the fabrics are twisted, cinched, and wrapped in a labyrinth of divinity, as well as the way the dress flows and sashays. Someone with great haute taste designed these picks so you'll spend a bit more.
A Night Moves prom dress can range in price from $210 - $398. These are one-of-a-kind fashion fabrics that are really ravishing. You're paying to make sure no one else shows up wearing the same dress as you! A rare diamond that will outshine all the rest.
Jasz prom dresses range from $258 - $398. Your hard-earned money is paying for you to be covered in head to toe ritz with details like beads, rhinestones, and gems. All those jewels were most likely hand-stitched, making your gown a bit pricey. But it'll be worth it when your date can't look away.
A La Femme prom dress will run you about $198 - $498. Something in the $498 range is going to be constructed from a lavish length of fabric; it may even be sewn from one piece of fabric as opposed to different pieces sewn together. The more individual swatches of cloth, the less expensive the dress should and will be.
A Terani prom dress generally averages between $150 to $590. Again, you're paying for extra fabric of good quality. It takes mountains of exclusive fabric to create plumes upon plumes of ruffles and rosettes. Some of the fabric may even be imported and the color combinations will be opulent. These styles will be elaborate and elite.
A Sherri Hill prom dresses can be purchased for $250 - $650. You're paying for desirability; you want all eyes on you. Each stitch should be exceptional, each adornment should be outstanding. You want to win hearts. You want your date to confess his undying love and these prom dresses deliver just that.
A Tony Bowls prom dress will run you $450 - $2390. With a Bowles dress, you are essentially paying for shock and awe. You want your date to have a heart attack. You want your friends to spend the night hiding in the bathroom. And you want to have that Prom Queen crown on your head at the end of the night.

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