Thursday, November 8, 2012

How to Choose the Perfect Prom Dress That Will Turn Heads

The first crucial step to finding the perfect long prom dress or even a short prom dress is to decide what colors you want to wear. Look for dresses in your favorite color or in a color that looks the best on you. Many times dress selections can be sorted by color when you look online. However, when you go to a dress or gown store look for a style you like then ask if it comes in the color you desire. Many shops do not have every gown in every color they come in displayed in the store.
The second thing to finding the perfect prom dress is to take into consideration how you plan on wearing your hair. Girls with beautiful long hair might want to look at dresses that are plain in the back if they are planning to wear their hair down. Some gowns have fancy backs with lacing or designs and you do not want to cover that up with hair. If the dress you want has a pretty back you should consider wearing your hair up.
Prom dresses that are backless look good with the hair slicked back into a bun or curly pony tale. Long prom dresses that flow might poof out a bit but are very elegant. You may want to try your hair up and cascading down in beautiful ringlets. This is a very attractive way to add class to your outfit.
Look for ideas for dresses Online. There are tons of sites that show all the beautiful floor length prom dresses that are available. They come in so many designs and colors it will make your head spin. Dresses can be a solid color, they can be sparkly, they can have a floral print.
If you purchase online be sure to look at the size chart for each dress. Not all manufacturers apply sizes the same way so make sure you take your measurements and check them. You might take a size 8 in one dress and a 6 in another. Most long dresses are strapless, halters or have spaghetti straps and if the top does not fit right you could have an embarrassing moment at the prom. If you do get the dress Online you can always take it to a tailor that does alterations. You can usually find them at dry cleaners or just look in the Yellow Pages under alterations.

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