Thursday, November 8, 2012

Advice From a Prom Goddess - Prom Dresses Philadelphia Style

Philadelphia teens are ready to turn their swag on for prom season. This New England metropolis has an urban culture with its own brand of slickness. Here are some tips for scoping out prom dresses Philadelphia style.
Early New England summers can be crazy from the heat of humidity. And Philly is no exception. Expect outfits in this weather to be perspiration-friendly. Styles made from breathable fabrics without straps will be popular.
And no New England summer would be complete without a rain shower. Crap weather can make even the hottest gear look jacked up. Certain materials like silk, chiffon, and charmeuse become wrinkled and blotchy if they get wet and then dry. You can wear them, just be sure to keep them dry.
For Faviana prom dresses Philadelphia style I found #6533. It's a thick, champagne taffeta strapless gown. It reminds me of scoops of butter pecan ice cream.
For Night Moves prom dresses Philadelphia style I found #6016. This no-straps design has a mocha, chocolate and ivory print with hip-hop flavor. The exotic busyness of it makes it weatherproof. Both numbers will stand up to whatever the Philly skies decide to do.
This is a city that's proud of their American heritage. You've got the Liberty Bell and a hundred and one other patriotic landmarks right in your own backyard. So maybe you want to rock the vote in red, white and blue.
For La Femme prom dresses Philadelphia style, look for #15025. It's a long sundae swirl of red, white and blue flavor. It is charmeuse but the print should camouflage any bad weather water spots.
For Tony Bowls prom dresses Philadelphia style, #210C57 is a regal blue, stars and stripes knockout. Jewels on the top half are in a constellation pattern. And there are stripes of the same jewels around the waist.
For Sherri Hill prom dresses Philadelphia style, #2228 fits the model. It's a black and white polka-dot mini with a wide red bow belt. The hot red belt is so long it extends down to the floor in a train.
Some Jasz prom dresses Philadelphia style include #4085. It's a spin on the red, white, and blue motif using turquoise, white, and fuchsia. The twinkling gems on the top are very star-like. It is silk, but again, the pattern will hide wetness flaws.
Eagles Fans
If you want to represent your favorite NFL boys, wear dark shades of green. Accent your gown with long black gloves, fishnets, and black high heels. Faviana's design #6238 is a nouveau riche flow of dark hunter green satin with a tight belt.
Precious Formals prom gowns Philadelphia style that show off teams colors include #H5194. It's a super short T-back see-through slip dress with iridescent green dots.
And for Terani prom dresses Philadelphia style honoring the Eagles, try #1676P in emerald satin. The bodice is embroidered with jewels that form a chandelier motif down the back.
If you learn how to buy a prom dress in Philadelphia vogue, you will be the most popular woman in school. May your prom be lovely in the city of brotherly love!

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